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Wendy uses both video and still photography.

Her beautiful still photos are used in scuba classes to introduce students to some of the many interesting sea creatures they may discover here in Maine.

Check out this friendly Sea Raven.Searaven.gif (54863 bytes)

Here are some pictures you will enjoy! Some were taken in the cool waters of  New England and others in the toasty warmth of the Carribean island of Bonaire.

014-STARFISH.GIF (1725 bytes)

Take a look at these two creatures of the deep!

Anemone.gif (40455 bytes)starfish.gif (29438 bytes)




   This is the biggest starfish that I have ever seen! It was about 10" across.

This animal is a Frilled Anemone. It was found in Ship's Cove, Fort Williams, Maine.

When She is not teaching, Wendy carries her video camera beneath the waves to capture the action on tape!
014-SEAHORSE.GIF (1506 bytes)

Let Wendy take you on a video tour around the cove and watch hermit crabs, lobsters, and sea ravens as they go about their watery world! You'll be enchanted by the sunlit ledges covered in a blanket of starfish, or the gently swaying sea grass that protects it's tiny inhabitants as they grow!  Enjoy the Dive!

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